Sailboat Rentals

Our 14′ Capri rentals are super responsive, fast and a joy to sail in almost any conditions. This smaller Capri only seats 3, but is made more for speed and maneuverability. You’re sure to have fun in this boat if you’re after a fast, fun day of sailing.

Our 18′ Capri Sailboats comfortably seat 6 passengers and are easy to handle for anyone with some sailing experience. This boat has plenty of seating and is great for cruising Mission Bay or San Diego Bay.

Our 22′ Capri Sailboats have a great combination of performance and cruisability. These boat comfortably seat 7, but are also very responsive and handle well in almost any conditions.

If you’re looking for some thrills, our Hobie Getaways are fun and fast! There’s really nothing like flying across the water going faster than the wind in these super fun catamarans. These are capable of holding up to 6 passengers and if you’re really out to have some fun, expect to get a little wet!

Our Catalina 250 is a perfect boat for groups and families that want to cruise around the bay. This boat boasts plenty of seating and has a large cabin. It has a spacious interior and is a perfect way to spend a day with the family and friends hanging out on the bay.

Our Catalina 270 is our largest sailboat rental. It’s perfect for groups and families that want to cruise around the bay. This boat has plenty of room, comfortable seating and a working bathroom. You can spread out above or below deck and cruise around the bay all day!