Action Sports Rentals in San Diego
Specializing in watersport rentals, we have everything from jetskis to stand up paddle boards, waterskiing to sailing, aqua cycles to pontoons
and much, much more!

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A great way to experience the
thrill of the bay!

Operator must be at least 18 years old with
valid US drivers license.

deposit of identification and major credit card OR identification and $500 in cash per power boat is required.

No previous boating experience necessary. Basic operational instruction provided at time of rental. Detailed map of the
Bay provided. All safety equipment provided: life-vests, fire extinguishers, whistle, bailer. Map included

Type of Boat
Location Availability

San Diego's Dana Landing Fishing Skiff on Mission Bay

$50 four hours
$70 eight hours

14 ft fiberglass boat with a 8 HP 4-stroke outboard motor

Contains a 1 scoop
live bait tank

Seats up to 4

Boston Whaler

$125 per hour
$240 Per two hours
$400 per four hours
$100 each hour after
4 hour rate
Maximum of 7 passengers or 1300 lbs

17' 60 HP

$85 per hour
$150 two hours
$250 four hours
$60 each additional hr

Maximum of 6 passengers

Life vests included

19' Rinker

$130 per hour
$250 two hours
$420 four hours
$110 each additional hr

New for 2014!

Maximum of 8 passengers

Life vests included

Hilton Mission Bay

Paradise Point Resort



$150 per hour
$280 two hours
$500 four hours
Maximum of 10 passengers

Life vests included

22' Deckboat

Action Sport's Deckboat

$185 per hour
$350 two hours
$650 four hours
$145 each additional hr

Known for comfort and speed, this Tahoe doesn’t disappoint!

With it's 5.0 L motor providing plenty of power, the Deck Boat allows for a comfortable, fast cruise around the bay.

Maximum of 12 passengers

Life vests included